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Collegeis a strange but incredible time for many people: it’s the time to branch out a bit more than ever before, learn more about yourself, and most importantly figure out what direction you want to go in for the future.

It can be confusing and frustrating, but as long as you prepare yourself for what’s to come when graduation rolls around, then you’llsurely survive.

Some people know a change needs to happen to make the transition a bit smoother, if not just for themselves. They also know it has to be them to do it just like this teenager realized when decided to chop off all his hair for a new look.

In this video from November 30, 2016, we meet acollegesoccer player named Carly, who happened to be graduating from NJIT in the spring.

The young athlete understood that college wasn’t going to last forever, and she was going to be showing up for some serious interviews that don’t allow sweats.

So Carly turned to the experts at The Rachael Ray Show, along with a special guest and inspiration, Olympic gold medalist MichelleCarter. The inspirational and fit fashionista wanted to help a fellow athlete out, so she took Carly under her wing and completely transformed her!

Now watch Carly step out on stage for the grand reveal of her new look, which surelygave her the confidence she needed to conquer the working world!

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