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It’s a habit of young people to rebel against their parents. It comes as no surprise to the majority of us that a lot of teenagers go through that phase where doing the opposite of what their parents want seems like the right thing to do. So, when Joe, a waiter for the restaurant Max Brenner in New York City, was told by his parents that they weren’t fans of long hair, he decided to grow his out.

Six years later, Joe sported luxurious locks that pretty much became his trademark.

In the video below, though, Joe undergoes a stunning transformation… And on live TV, no less!

Rachael Ray brought the young man onto her show for a makeover, and just wait until you see the results. Before the big chop, though, Joe’s hair was longer than his girlfriend Angie’s!

Rachael recalled how, before the stylist took the scissors out, Angie had begun to cry as Joe sat in the chair.

“I’ve never seen him with short hair before!” Angie said.

That’s right, the couple met while his hair was long! So how would she feel upon seeing him with his new ‘do?

In the following clip, you’ll see how Joe’s long hair looked before the big trim. The stylist remarked how much he hoped Joe liked his new look, because he still wanted to go back to his restaurant.

During themoment of truth, Rachael called Joe out to the stage. The young stud revealed his new look with a wide smile on his face. Angie ran up to him and ecstatically passed her fingers through his hair.

I’d say this was a successful makeover!

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