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For whatever random reasons, Jeff Goldblum is in Sydney, where he’soperating a food truckcalled Chef Goldblums Jazzy Snags.Hes hawking burritos and hot dogs, with his worldly, effortless cool.Its making people all overgiddy as hell.

The photos have been spread all over the web, brightening days with each post.

It was recently announced that Goldblum wouldreprise his roleas Dr. Ian Malcolm in the next installment ofthe Jurassic series. Its slated for summer 2018. If you cant wait that long, hell feature in Disneyand Marvels Thor: Ragnarok, which should see big numbers upon its Nov. 3release.

For the people lusting after Goldblum, in his leather jacket, in front of his magnificent truck:

Life uh… finds a way.

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