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Mange is a serious skin disease that affects many stray dogs at some point in their life. This 2-year-old husky can attest to that, considering his startling circumstances.

The balding dog was about to be euthanized because nobody wanted to take him home.

People simply didn’t like the way that his demodectic mange made him look. The dog named Hank didn’t even look his age, nor like he was a huskyat all.

Luckily, he was scooped up by Vet Ranch and taken to be treated for his mange.

“He definitely doesn’t feel 100% right now, but we’re going to make him feel 100%. We’re going to start treating him for this demodectic mange and get all that hair to grow back,” one vet says in the video below, posted on October 18th, 2016. He continues, “And he is a very ‘ugly’ little puppy right now – little dog right now, but we’re going to make him a beautiful dog.”

Then, the Vet Ranch team got started on the husky’s transformation.

First, they gave Hank a thorough wash in the bathtub to help him feel clean and comfortable. Next, he was all set to get neutered by the helpful medical team. With that, his treatment was underway.

On top of being rescued and receivingthe ultimate transformation, Hank had even better luck. He was adopted shortly after this video was made.

To see what Hank looks like now, check out the video below! You won’t want to miss this!

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Warning: The video below contains graphic content. Please watch at your own risk!

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