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This Filtered Shower Head Keeps Everything Cleaner, Including You

Not that your current shower head doesn't do the job it's supposed to do but it probably doesn't filter out the chlorine, lead, copper, and mercury that exists in our water system. VivaSpring Filtered Shower Head does an effective job of separating contaminants out of the water, delivering a healthier shower experience. Purer water means smooth, moisturized skin and healthier hair. The VivaSpring also cuts down on the algae, fungi, and bacteria that can grow in your shower.

This shower head is also easy to install, simple to clean and includes an FF-15 filter for 10,000 gallons or 6 months of filtration. The elegant design not only suits any bathroom space, but it also fits on any standard threaded shower arm. Make your showers incredible: usually, this VivaSpring Filtered Showerhead is $34, but you can get it now for $23.99.

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