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While we were busy trying to roll out of bed this morning and look presentable in about 30 seconds, this babys hair was luxuriously soaking up a treatment of baby oil for two hours.

Amelia Marsh, a 10-week-old baby whos our newest source of hair inspo, has a full head of thick hair that takes her mom, Kayleigh Marsh, 2.5 hours to do every morning.

Marsh, who explained the routine on a UK-based morning show, explained she doesnt actually sit there for 2.5 hours doing her hair. But instead, she puts the baby oil in, leaves it for two hours and comes back to it. The purpose is to soften it, thus allowing her to style it.

Amelia also apparently loves having her hair blow-dried, which is basically the cutest thing weve seen or heard in a long time.

Its not weird to be jealous of a baby, right?

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