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Take it from someone who uses itevery day you never know what you’ll find in NYC’s subway system.

It’s an interesting smattering of different personalities, so you’re bound to see some crazy outfits, interesting hair colors, and even a cute animal from time to time.

And don’t even get me started on the performances; some of the most amazing talent can be found on subway platforms and cars, from beautiful vocalists to drummers with a full drum set.

But the passengers on one of New York’s L train platforms saw an even stranger sight than usual: a duck splashing around in a shallow puddle between the tracks.

The feathery guy was holding up traffic, but couldn’t just be grabbed from the tracks on account of how dangerous it is to step onto them.

So it was up to a few NYPD officers to save the day by scooping himout of his little play place and putting him back on the platform.

They then carefully packed him in a little box and drove him back to captivity where he would be free to splash around in any puddle he preferred.

Thepolice even tweeted after the incident to saythe apprehension went “swimmingly” see, you truly never know what you’ll see in the big city!

Check out the video below, which shows the cops handling the rogue subway duck.

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