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Dogs rely on their owners and rescuers for food, shelter, and affection, but these things are not always given to them. Too often, dogs are found wandering the streets, starving and alone, or neglected and abandoned by careless humans.

One pup named Ellen grew out 2 pounds of fur, which ended up dirty and matted by the time rescuers from the Trio Animal Foundation got to her. She had been living in a shelter, which no doubt didn’t have the funds to give her the proper care she needed.

The pup looked to be in adire state, as her rescuers couldn’t even tell if she was male or female, at first. They couldn’t find her head until they held out a treat to see which end was her front.

A groomer who volunteered to shave her took about an hour and a half to get the job done, which included the time it took to remove the two inches of hair growing from her ears. She didn’t growl during the whole process, proving what a sweet and patient pup she really is.

Then, they realized just how tiny this pup was!

Ellen is now resting and waiting for her forever home. She’s healthyand ready for a new life and a new family!

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