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Mary Ellen’s husband grewvery ill around eight years ago. She became his caretaker, and the experience was exhausting. She began to look gaunt and run-down.Doctors call it “Frankenstein face,” when the face begins to look sunken into itself.

“He was in the hospital for six months and when he came home he needed a lot of care. I was still working full time,” she said. “My face shows everything unfortunately.”

Strangely enough, her temples began to sink into her skull. Mary Ellen had to change her hairstyle to hide the indentations on the side of her face.

“I have very hollow temples and I am sure that’s what’s making it look so bad,” she said. “My goal with treating my Frankenstein face is to get back that softer, rounder appearance I used to have in my forehead and self-confidence about the way that I look.”

Mary Ellen appeared on The Doctors last year to see if there was anything they could do for her unusual condition.

Mary Ellen pulled her hair back to reveal that her temples had become more like severe dimples. Dr. Mitchell Chasin was able to find a solution quickly. He used medical fillers to plump the indentations on her skull.

The results are night and day. To see Mary Ellen’s complete transformation, watch the video below.

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