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The best makeovers are the ones that have incredibly drastic before and after shots. Those always promise surprises, but also happiness. And after all isn’t that the end goal for the person getting the makeover?

On this ambush makeover from theTodayteam, two deserving moms whose children have recently left the nest get the types oftransformations you’ve been waiting to see! They look almost unrecognizable when they come out, and their loved ones are in awe of their new beauties!

In the video below, we first meet a tearful Margaret, who lost 60 pounds after her children went off to college. She looks and feels great, but needs a wardrobe revamp. So, Louis Licari and his team give her exactly what she needs. Then her adorable husband’s reactionsays it all.

Next up is Meegan, a 55-year-old mom who believes her looks fools people into thinking she’s 16 from behind, then 61 when sheen from the front.

Whether or not you agree with her “before” comments, it’s safe to say her best friend and everyone else watching is in absolute amazement when they see her “after” results! The stylists chop off her hair, add a little bit of makeup, and her whole demeanor is transformed.

These two makeovers are ones for the books! What do you like best about these new looks?

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