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Beckey and Ryan Dew aren’t like your ordinary couple. The husband and wife look like they’ve stepped out of a time machine. It all began when Beckey was a kid.

Her parents owned a rock-and-roll dance club when she was growing up. While her friends were listening to Metallica and Madonna when they were coming of age in the 1980s, Beckey was listening to Buddy Holly and the Beatles.

I just love the simplistic lifestyle from that era, when the whole family would go for a long drive together on the weekends,” she said. Everyone took pride in how they looked.”

But being different wasn’t easy. Beckey said she was constantly bullied because of her interests and appearance.

I had frizzy hair and never knew how to tame it, and I was always bullied for my weight. For many years, I was told I was fat and ugly and I believed it. So I made myself invisible,” she said.

A friend invited her on a double date in high school with Ryan, who would eventually become her husband. The two sharethe same interest in the 1950s, and now raise their three children that way.

They have normal day jobs, but spend the weekends with the kids driving around in vintage cars. They dress like it’s the 1950s every day. Beckey believes it helps the elderly cope better at the nursing home she works at.

Their home is filled with collectibles that pay homage to the bygone era. They indulge their children in their passion but don’t force it on them. The boys are allowed to partake in both modern and 1950s culture as they please.

Most people ask if were going to an event or a dress-up party, and theyre usually shocked when we tell them its just how we dress. I just tell them we love the 1950s,” she said. We get one chance at this life, so we should do what makes us happy.

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