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Sometimes horrible things happen to good people. When Tony shared his story with The Doctors, they found a way to make his situation less crippling.

After afall as a child, Tony was informed by a doctorthat he was susceptible to keloid scars. Then, things escalated from there.

“Keloids started forming on my face when I was in my 20s. I cut myself shaving,” Tony explained ina separatevideo posted by The Doctorson November 9, 2016. It was hard to believe that a razor cut could result in something so shocking.

As the scars continued to grow on his face, his reflection resembled his true self less and less every day.

“I had surgery and the more surgery that I had, the bigger they came back,” Tony said with disappointment in his eyes.

Tony had slowly triedto accept his scars for what they were. He even flourished as a youth-development teacherfor over 20 years, despite his physical appearance.

His sister said, “Kids love him. The kids love him!”However, the kids were not the problem. She continued, “It’s the adults. We could be walkingdown the street and someone is juststaring at him like he’s a monster. It’s so upsetting.”

Tony secluded himself to hidefrom strangers’ judgments. Both he and his sister wanted him to feel free and break out of his shell a bit more, but they understood that it would take time, though maybe not as much time as they had expected.

Finally, after years of living with his keloid scars and countless surgeries, Tony visited The Doctors. There, theysurprised him with a few unbelievable, life-changing gifts.

To see the amazing things they gave Tony, check out the followup video below!

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