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Ladies and gentlemen, Xia Vigor is back.

The 7-year-old phenom has already made waves with her unbelievable impression of Taylor Swift.

The youngster, who is originally from Devon, England, but lives in the Philippines, has now returned with another performance on the FilipinoTV series Your Face Sounds Familiar.

Amazingly, though, she has gone from Taylor Swift to rock star Axl Rose, the front man for the classic rock band Guns N’ Roses.

You can imagine the judges’ reaction tothis shift in genre.

When you watch the video, you’ll see just how good she is!

In stunning fashion, the little performer absolutely captures Rose’s trademark look, scream, andstage presence. She even wearsfake hair under her armpits!

Vigor confidently sings through Guns N’ Roses’ classic power ballad “Sweet Child o’ Mine,” and the judges can’t get enough.

For a moment, there’s a break in her singing, and she confidently strides over to the judges. One of them practically falls out of his seat at how much she resembles Axl Rose.

With one quick hair flip, she has the judges speechless and she continues her performance.

It’s striking how much attention to detail the young performer puts into her display, and there is a large image of Axl Rose on screens around the stage so the audience can see the amazing resemblance. Judging by their cheers and applause, they definitely did!

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