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Well, it looks like another brand is finally joining the rest of us here in the 21st century.

While Head & Shoulders used to be exclusively manufactured for people with dandruff, the company just announced it’s stepping up its efforts at accessibility in a major way: Head & Shoulders will now sell pre-shed skin flakes for anyone who doesn’t have dandruff but has always wanted to try its product.

What a win for inclusivity! This has definitely been a long time coming for anyone who’s ever secretly wished they had a reason to try out Head & Shoulders.

Just by gently massaging someone else’s pre-shed dandruff into their own scalps, people who have never been able to try Head & Shoulders will finally be able to simulate the complete feeling of having dandruff and needing to use Head & Shoulders to take care of it. Now all those who were once prevented from purchasing Head & Shoulders by virtue of their healthy, perfect scalps will finally be able to feel included in the Head & Shoulders brand, and that’s something to celebrate.

It’s about time. This is definitely going to be a game changer for everyone without a skin condition who has secretly yearned for a reason to try Head & Shoulders. Inclusivity FTW!

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