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Aliia Nasyrova has been growing her hair out for the past 20 years. Her brown locks are so long that she’s been dubbed the “Real-Life Rapunzel.”

Aliia is 27 years old and hails from Riga, Latvia. Today, her jaw-dropping mane measures 90 inches to the floor that’s seven feetand 4.5 pounds of hair!

The social media maven, who has become a popular Instagram star, washes her hair just once a week… and it takes an entire day to dry.

Aliia typically wears her hair in a giant braided bun, but in the video below, she unravels it while shopping at the mall. Can you imagine this head of hair walking past you?

Not only does Aliia’s hair affect her day-to-day schedule, it also has a huge impact on her patient husband, Ivan. The couple has to plan their days and nights around her hair regimen.

When pressed, wait until you see what Ivan has to say about his wife’slong hair.

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