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Most of the stories you might hear about twins are uplifting and exciting, and while the one you’re about to see below definitely ends that way, it was not always like that.

Jennifer and Brian had two beautiful, seemingly healthy twin babies, but down the line, these twins found themselves with very different fates.

Bradley was diagnosed with leukemia and had to go through chemotherapy treatment when he was just 5 years old, but his twin sister, Charlotte, was perfectly healthy.

The photos of them during this stage of their life are equally adorable and heartbreaking. You can tell how close they were and how happy they seemed, but also the devastating toll that cancer was taking on tiny Bradley.

So, after his fourth cycle of chemotherapy ended and doctors told Jennifer and Brian that he now needed to find a donor for a stem cell transplant, they were forced with a tough decision.

Instead of waiting and trying to find a donor who would most likely end up being a stranger, they knew that Charlotte was a match. So, they asked their little girl if she was okay with helping her brother, and her reaction will make you melt.

This is what family’s all about: Even at such a young age, Charlotte did whatever she needed to do to save her brother. And it worked.

The two of them, with full heads of hair and huge smiles on their faces, prove how great Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital is. See for yourself in their personal journey explained in this touching video below.

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