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Jade Pearson was always known as “the big kid” at school. She was constantly teased and bullied by her classmates. But Jade found escape and acceptance in theater and performing.

At 17, she was offered a place in the esteemed Royal Shakespeare Company but shortly after her acceptance, her parents got divorced and her beloved grandmother who helped raised her fell ill.

Jade became her grandmother’s caregiver, giving up her acting dreams and turning to food for comfort in the process.

When Jade was eight months pregnant, her grandmother passed away, never having meet her daughter. Food remained a source of solace, and by the age of 24 Jade weighed nearly 300 pounds.

With a passion for hair and beauty, Jade began pursuing her new dream of becoming a hairstylist. She went for a job at an award-winning salon in the UK, but the second she walked in she noticed the other stylists working there were “slim and beautiful.” However, she knew she was more than qualified to be taken seriously as a candidate. After the interview, Jade overheard the hairdressers refer to her as “the fat girl.” Two womenwere laughing about how she didn’t have a chance because of her size.

Instead of being judged on her cutting and coloring skills, the stylists wondered how long she could stand on her feet. Jade’s confidence was at an all-time low but wait until you see what she did next.

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