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Before my brother walked down the aisle, I was assigned the task of whipping up the invitations for him and his now-wife. Luckily for them, I hadn’t gotten a look at the funny and creative ideas below. Otherwise, the classy design they requested might have been thrown out the window!

Don’t get me wrong, more traditional invites with swooping fonts and a loving photo of the couple are great, but I was in actual tears laughing at more than a few of the funny wedding invitations below. And others just made me jealous. I would have loved to have received the invitation in #17 such an awesome invitation.

Have you ever received any unusual or funny wedding invitations? Or did you decide to send one for your own nuptials?

Let us know in the comments at the very end and be sure to SHARE all the silly and creative invites with your loved ones!

Thumbnail source: Flickr / Robert Kintner

1. Ring, Ring


I would definitely have a hard time making this important decision.

2. Beautiful Harmony


I have a feeling their vows earned a standing ovation.

3. Hottest Ticket In Town


The details on this almost made me overlook it while scrolling through the web!

4. Cashing In


According the Reddit user who shared this couple’s “save the date,” this is one of the more popular styles over in India.

5. Killer Party


Hopefully things didn’t get quitethis out of hand at their reception, but it looks like the clevercouple could hold their own during a zombie outbreak, regardless.

6. Don’t Forget The Fine Print


I wish we had the full invite from this hilariously honest couple!

7. Setting Them At Ease


This homage toHitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxyis extra impressive thanks to the couple’s convenient initials.

8. Everyone’s A Winner


“Roll the dice and pick up a card. Card examples: ‘Groomis indecisive about most things, go back two spaces.’ ‘Brideleaves her clothes on the floor, go back two spaces.’”

9. Game On


How precious is“Collect 200 Kisses” on the “Go” sign? And upping that number for the ceremony!

10. Monster Mash


The designer got creative with faux names from The Rocky Horror Picture Showto keep the real bride and groom’s identity a secret before sharing this on Imgur.

11. Epic Love


Reddit user DrNolove confirmed that this is his and his fiance’s pet dog taking the place of the classic film’s luckdragon for this quirky design.

12. Caught By The Law


The Reddit user explained, “My aunt is marrying a sheriff. Their invitation nearly gave everyone a heart attack.”

13. Leveling Up


I love the commitment to the 8-bit versions of themselves, rather than a more realistic photo.

14. Photo Finish


This idea for upcycling used film canisters is absolutely stunning!

15. Flying High


The Reddit user explained how this was totally on point for her sister and soon-to-be husband, who are both pilots.

16. Raw Deal


After getting this from her best friend, Imgur user yearofpenny commented, “I’m probably going to make him hash browns as my RSVP.”

17. Getting Into The Groove


Each mini-record was customized with songs for the guest. I’m so jealous I wasn’t invited!

18. Bye-Bye Beard


Looks like someone got their way about her fianc’s facial hair for this goofy “save the date.”

19. Channeling Beyonc


You know it’s true love when he agrees to send these out to all his family and friends!

20. Using The Force


I bet you got theStar Wars theme in your head just looking at this (because I sure did).

21. Official Summons


I wonder how many guests totally freaked out when they looked at this, before realizing what was really going on.

22. Love Sick


The love between this pair of doctors is clearly more than skin-deep.

Have you ever seen sillier or more creative wedding invites? Let us know below and be sure to SHARE with your friends!

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