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Fern was given a gift from the makeover Gods when she was awarded a day of pampering with Christopher Hopkins.

When this video starts, you immediately understand how fiery Fern’s personality is, but she says that she doesn’t feel that her outside matches how she feels on the inside anymore.

She wants to look as good as she feels! And with everything going on in her life I think Christopher was ready to give her what she deserved.Her husband’s cancer diagnosis has been a struggle for the family, as well as him personally. His health is up and down, and the stress and heartache is inevitable for his loving wife.

So, today at least, she got to feel like a princess!

At first, you hear her say that she thinks she should go gray, and natural, but Christopher knew that wasn’t what would work best for this vibrant woman.

He decides to take matters into his own hands, and once her hair and makeup is done, she shines even brighter than before.

I can’t imagine what it must feel like to finally look in the mirror and see what you feel! Her reaction and comments in the end of the video are worth all the work I’m sure The Makeover Guy and his team put into this transformation.

What do you think of her fiery new hair?

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