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Moms like Melissa Radke know they’re not perfect but that’s OK!

The truth is, most moms have moments when they slip, but that’s totally normal. Multitasking and taking care of young children can take a toll on anyoneand cause them to have a few shortcomings here and there, which is nothing to feel ashamed or embarrassed about.

In a video, Melissa wasn’t afraid to list all the recent ways she wasn’t the perfect mother, and how “mom guilt” settled in afterward. For example, she missed her daughter’s doctor appointments, but didn’t miss a single one of her hair appointments! Her family even went three days without toilet paper, and one day she packed her son a pickle, a hard-boiled egg, and two packs of chips for his lunch.

Throughout all these revelations, she’s sure that all moms can relate to her shortcomings, and even have a few funny stories of their own.

So, how does she make up for it? By letting her kids sleep in her bed! But of course, that comes with its own strings: while in the room, she can’t sneeze, breathe, pray, or move for fear of waking them up.

Do you recognizeyourself in this mom and her video? Tell us about moments when you knew you weren’t the “perfect” mom in the comments below!

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