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As you might imagine, 57-year-old Roger Logan from Gulfport, Mississippi, was fed up. About 12 years ago, a mass began to develop on his stomach. When he went to doctors they insisted he was “just fat.”

For the next decade, the mass grew and grew. His life wasdestroyed in the process. Confined to a gray armchair, no longer able to run his business, his hobbies, or his life, Roger knew his doctors were wrong.

He was right. The mass turned out to be an infected ingrown hair that had swollen, developed its own blood supply, and become a benign tumor. The tumor weighed a whipping 130 pounds. But even after discovering what it really was, it was a battle to remove it.

Last year, two doctors believed they could remove it, but the operation fell through. Roger was so depressed he stopped eating for two weeks and had to be hospitalized for liver failure and dehydration.

His wife Kitty didn’tallow him to lose hope. By her husband’s side, she kept fighting for a solution.

She just kept pushing, Roger said. She wouldnt let me quit.

Finally they discovered Dr. Vipul Dev, an expert in the field. Kitty spent the next six months making insurance and transportation arrangements. Finally, with the help of his community, Roger was transported in an armchair inside a cargo van.

The surgery was a success. Roger looks forward to being able to walk, fish, andjust touch his feet together.

“I never want to see that armchair again,” he declared.

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