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Sometimes, when you’re having a baby you have no idea what to expect. But, naturally, you might think about what your newest pride and joy will look like, right?

Nicola and AdrianBartlett most likely daydreamed about what their baby Alexis would look at birth. But when they went for a routine ultrasound, their doctor was shocked at what he saw.

Thankfully, it was nothing bad, but definitely out of the ordinary and quite stunning!

The sweet couple’s little girl had hair you could visibly see on the ultrasound! Hair, on her scalp! Can you imagine your unborn baby growing a head of hair while she’s still in your belly?

Well according to theSun,Nicola and Adrian weren’t as surprised as their doctor. The couple admitted to being hairy themselves, even when they were born! So it seems that this might just be genetics.

Thankfully for this little girl, her mom’s a hairdresser! She’ll have no problem taking care of her locks starting at a young age, and she’ll preserve it all throughout the years to be the woman every thin-haired girl envies, especially with her beauty-schooled mom!

When you see the adorable little Alexis just sixmonths after she was born, you’ll be stunned at theluscious locksshe’s grown in such little time!

She looks happy, healthy, and a bit older than she actually is. But beautiful nonetheless.

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