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Dr. Craig Murray sees a lot of strange things as an emergency-room doctor. One of the strangest encounters he’s had camewhen a group of employees showed up after an office Christmas party.

One of the coworkers, Ralph, could barely breathe and was gasping for hair. His coworkers were apparently inebriated. They told Murray that they had quite a big of egg nog, and that the man had swallowed a fish as part of an office gag.

“He went bobbing for fish and that’s what he did, Ralph ate a fish. It seemed like a great idea at the time,” a coworker explained.

When Murray put a small microscope in Ralph’s throat to see what was lodged inside, the doctor probably expected a piece of fish, not a living, breathing, flapping fish.

What was more frightening was that it was a catfish, which has a poisonous spine, trapped inside.

Murray tried to grab the fish’s tail using a tool but it was too jittery and slippery to capture. He deferred the patient to the operating room’s ear, nose, and throat specialist. They were able to properly remove the fish and the man was fine.

The doctor shared the bizarre story on Discovery’s Untold Stories of the ERin 2014.See the quirky clip below and let us knowin the comments if you would ever go “bobbing for fish” after watching this.

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