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For everyone who loves making meals from scratch, you already know that home cooking is never perfect.

That’s because, even if you adore cooking, certain tasks are less than fun. To this category, I would submit butterflying a chicken, zesting lemons, and, of course, chopping onions.

This last one is especially importantbecause most recipes just aren’t complete without onion!

Unfortunately, raw onions are stinky and make most people (myself included) weep uncontrollably from the strong odor.

There are hacks around to keep you from tearing up, but we think there’s another way to seriously improve the onion chopping experience cut them fast, and cut them perfectly.

The only problem is, well, how the heck do you cut onions perfectly at the drop of a hat?

It turns out, the secret to perfectly slice onions is available in the beauty aisle of your local drugstore right now. What you want is a hair pick.

These long, narrow combs are typically used for textured natural hair or for permed hair, but we’d never seen them used in the kitchen, until now!

Stick a metal pick right into the middle of a peeled onion, and slice between the tines for perfect rings. For a fine dice, repeat the ring cutting process, and then cut in the opposite direction for small chunks of onion!

Check out the video below to see this genius hack in action, and don’t forget toSHARE with every talented home cook you know!

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