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Usually, the best transformations we see have the most drastic before and after shots and end up making usfeelgood rather than just look good.

And who’s to say those great transformations are limited to humans? I think thedog transformation below could top a few of the mom makeovers I’ve seen gracethe internet.

The 4-year-old chow chow looks an awful lot more like a lion than a dog when Kansas City Pet Project first getsa hold of him, but when they’re done he’ll have you smiling from ear to ear.

The abandoned dog named Harry was found with over five pounds of excess fur on his body. The fur was matted, and sixinches thick, growing so rapidly and unhealthily that his eyelashes grew over his eyes, making him completely blind.

Most of his nose was missing from abuse, and it took the groomers twoand a half hours to shave him into a healthy and clean pup, but they did it!

In the end, his transformation is beautiful.Although he’s skinny, he is in the right hands now and getting the food and nutrients he needs to get back on his feet and into a loving home.

Watch his shocking transformation below and let us know if you know someone who would love to adopt a dog like Harry. I know I would!

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