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Zack dresses like a lumberjack in red flannel, jeans, and thick full beard. It isn’t shocking since the rugged lookhas become so popular that it has been nicknamed “lumbersexual.”

Zack is so attached to his hipster style, hestopped shaving for more than year when he appeared on the Rachel Ray Showin 2015. With Michael Strahan’s help, Zack received a makeover that completely changed his style.

His hair was slicked back, massive beard was trimmed for a more groomed style, and was put into a dapper, navy suit that contrasted well with his autumn red hair.

Let’s just say the ladies, including his girlfriend, were howling in the audience. Michael Strahan chose the suit because it’s so versatile. Zack can wear the blazer or vest alone, and he can simply swap the shirt and tie for a totally different look.

Rachel especially liked the look because with a little less beard, she was able to see his face. Michael says he went from lumbersexual to banker.

However, Michael did have some important advice that anyone should heed if they agree to getting a makeover.

“My style tips are simple: Go with what makes you feel good… You don’t have to get overdressed to stand out. You already standout because of who you are,” Michael says.

What do you think of Zack’s makeover? Do you prefer him before or after? Let us know in the comments!

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