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1. Procrastinating. Don’t keep telling yourself that you’ll text your crush tomorrow, that you’ll ask him out tomorrow, that you’ll deal with it tomorrow. Don’t put your life on hold. Live it .

2.Forgetting to text back.If you aren’t answering his messages, he’s going to come to the conclusion that you don’t like him. That you aren’t willing to givehim a chance. And he’s eventually going to stop vyingfor your attention.

3. Sleeping in.The more time you spend in your room, the less time you have to interact with other people. Think of all the opportunities you could be missing out on, because you’re choosing to sit in bed.

4. Lying.Don’t lie to push other people away. Don’t lie to make your life easier.You’ll find someone that likes you for you — but only if you’re open and honest with them.

5.Complaining.Happiness is contagious. So is misery. That’s why you’re going to unintentionally push people away if you’re always whining about something. Try to see the good in life. Try to smile for a change.

6.Working 24/7.Yes, your passions are important and your career might mean the worldto you. But your life shouldn’t revolve around thing. You need variety. You need to create a work-life balance.

7.Canceling plans.Don’t bow out of a party at the last second, because you don’t feel like getting dressed. Push yourself to go. Mingle. Meet new people. It might be the best night of yourlife. It might be the night you find your forever person.

8.Drinking heavily.There’s nothing wrong with having fun at the club. But if you black out whenever you exchange numbers witha new guy, you’re never going to remember to text him for adate.

9.Hating yourself.Think of yourself as beautiful. Remind yourself that anyone would be lucky to have you. The more confidence you have, the more menyou’ll attract.

10. Texting nonstop.Don’t textyour best friendwhile you’re on a date.Don’t scroll through Twitter when you’re at a party. Don’tlet your online life replace your life.

11. Watching too much television.If you’re always watching porn, you’re going to have an unrealistic view on sex. And if you’re always watching Lifetime dramas, you’re going to have an unrealistic view on relationships. Real life isn’t like prime time.

12. Smoking.Mostpeople have automatic deal breakers. If they see you smoking cigarettes ordoing hard drugs, that’s it. They won’t even give you a shot.

13. Having poor hygiene.You don’t need skintight outfits and heavy makeup to grab a guy’s attention. But you need to shower and brush out your knots. Greasy hair isn’t hot.

14.Gossiping.No one wants to datesomeone they can’t trust. Someone that smiles to theirface and then criticizes thembehind theirback. If you’re a gossip, people aren’t going towant anything to do with you.

15. Beingpessimistic.If you’re negative, you won’t realize when the right guy is right in front of you. Instead, you’ll think of all the things that could go wrong and psych yourself out. You’ll ruin the relationship before it officially starts.

16. Bragging.Don’t act like you’re superior to the people around you. Treat them as equals.And they’ll treat you the same.

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