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Having red hair can be seen one of two ways as a huge blessing, or as a curse.

Throughout history, unfortunately, having red hair hasn’t always had the best connotations. Women used to be burned at the stake for sporting this color, because folks believed that ithad demonic associations.

However, in modern days, most of us have come to see that having red hair is incredibly beautiful and somewhat rare, and it very obviously has nothing to do with anyone’s relationship to ‘witchcraft.’ It’s simply a result of a person’s genetic makeup, and it’s oftenthe envy of others who wish they boasted such a bold and fiery look.

There are some things about being a redhead that I had never known before, including these 10 incredible tidbits. I had no idea that redheads were this special, scientifically speaking, or that their history was so rich and complicated.

Do you have any redheads in your life that you love to death, even if you are jealous of their gorgeous locks?

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1. Babies With Red Hair Used To Give Their Parents A Reputation


In a ridiculous piece of historical trivia, red-haired babies in the Middle Ages were thought to be conceived during “unclean” sex, orduring menstruation.

2. Redheads Have Fewer Hairs Than The Rest


On average, folks with red lockshave less hairs, but that’s because theirs is typically thicker than other colors. Brunettes have an average of 140,000 strands of hair, blondes comein at 110,000 strands, while redheads only have about 90,000.

3. Red Hair Hardly Ever Grays


Red hair doesn’t reallygo gray, it just fades over time, and cycles through different shades of coppery tones, getting lighter and lighter with age. Sometimes it will evenfade to a beautiful silvery-white.

4. Ancient Greeks Thought Redheads Turned Into Vampires


Ancient Greeks didn’t believe in vampires in the way that we know them, but they did have their own, earlier versions of similar spooky monsters of the night. There were many redheads in ancient Greece, and they were referred to asThracians, and considered barbarians, thirsty for war.

There were many legends and myths made up about them by those who opposed their presence in Greece, and their turning into vampire-like creatures after their death was one of them.

5. Redheads Are Often Left-Handed


Recessive genes will usually come in pairs, so there are quite a number ofredheaded people who also got the left-handedgene at the exact same time.

6. Redheads Can Produce Their Own Vitamin D


It’s true that redheads have a harder time absorbing Vitamin D from the sun, but they can actually produceit from the inside their own bodies in low sunlight.

7. Redheads Often Fear The Dentist


Redheads have been found to be more resistant to anesthesia like Novocain than others, making going into the dentist for procedures even more scary. When having to go totally under, they need more anesthesia to completely knock them out than most, too, so it’s probably notjust the dentist they avoid.

8. Adam Is Suspected To Have Been A Redhead


Many signs point to “yes” when it comes to Adam, as in Adam and Eve, being a redhead. There are several reasons to think so, like that “Adom” in Hebrew means red, and Adam was from “red-earth,” just to point out a couple of them.

9. Proportionally, Redheads Lay Claim To A Huge Amount Of Famous People


Although currently the world’s population is only 2% redheaded, there have been an extraordinary number of highly influential figures in history that had red hair.Cleopatra, Aphrodite, Queen Elizabeth I, Emily Dickinson, Thomas Jefferson, Vincent Van Gogh, Mark Twain, James Joyce, Winston Churchill, and of course Lucille Ball are just naming a small handful of the very well-known redheads in our history.

And although Marilyn Monroe wasknown for beingablonde bombshell, she was actually a natural redhead too.

10. Redheaded Men May Be Less Likely To Get Prostate Cancer


A study has shown that the same gene that causes red hair may also prevent men from getting prostate cancer, as the gene causes cells to divide differently. Sounds like very good news if you’re aredheaded man!

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