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To the stranger who called me an old hag, theres something you need to know…

Rachel Farnsworth is best known for the yummy made-from-scratch recipes she shares as the Stay at Home Chef. She’s amassed aloyal YouTube and Facebook following of over 600,000 people, started a blog and has even published her own cookbook.

One day, she hopes to work with the Food Network as she continues to pursue her passion for hearty and healthyhome-cooking.

But today, she’s pursuing a more important passionone that ignites a fire in the souls of the masses to love the God-given skin you’re in, regardless of worldly criticism.

A harsh remark from one blog commenter inspiredRachel to make adifferent kind of video, one that revealed a raw, vulnerable side that contrastsquite distinctly from her bubbly cookingtutorials.

“I recently got this comment on my blog,” said Rachel.“‘You look like you are 70 with your gray hairs. You really should consider dying them for TV so you don’t look like such an old hag. Just a suggestion.’”

Instead of responding with hate, Rachel responded with a harrowing story about her past and the health struggles that will likely prevent her from ever turning 70.

“My husband actually feels very strongly that I shouldn’t dye my hair, and his reasoning is that he wants us to grow old together. How cute is that?” she said. “If you read my ‘About Me’ page, you’ll find that I have a rareautoimmune disease that means I will mostly likely never live to be 70 years old.”

But Rachel didn’t stop there. After explaining the decade she spent struggling with self-acceptance, she followed with a powerful statement about learning to love herself:

I have a crooked nose with a hook in it. I’ve got freckles and bags under my eyes. I’ve got a yellow tint to my skin. I have hairs that grow in places I don’t want ’em to. I fluctuate in weight and carry more pounds than I’d like to sometimes. I’ve got wrinkles and stretch marks and sun spots and scars ALL over my body. And I also have gray hair. And I love all of it.

Watch Rachel’s stirring video below that has now been viewed by over 10 million people:

Her story is a lesson in why you should never judge others. (via The Stay At Home Chef)

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