I have too many photos to count that are just sitting in my mom’s garage collecting dust rather than being put on display in my own home. I always tell myself I’ll get around to finding frames and other ways to show them off, but nothing has inspired me to finally sort through the piles quite like the super creative photo crafts below!

After all, it can get boring doing the same thing with your snapshots over and over again, so finding new ways to really cherish those memories and having fun crafting is pretty darn exciting.

Whether it’s simply arranging them in a way I would have never thought of or transferring them onto items that would make perfect gifts, each of these ideas isso easy to do. Plus, they’re totally budget friendly!

Take a lookat the photo crafts and I’m sure you’ll feel just as inspired, too.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve found a fun way to show off your snapshots.

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1. Candle Transfer


YouTuberArtCraftCrazy simply wrapped tissue paper around an ordinary sheet of paper, then used that to print her photo on. She then placed the tissue paper imageover a candle and covered it with grease-proof paper, making sure it was tightly secured over the candle. Afterward, she used a hair dryer to transfer the image.

Just becareful to cover the hand holding the candle with a towel before grabbing the dryer so you don’t burn yourself.

2. Travel Display


This is so perfect for displaying vacation photos! You canfind letters at your local craft store to spell out the place you and your loved ones spent time visiting, or any other message you might like, and then arrange yourprinted photos to fit within the boundaries before applying plenty of Mod Podge to keep them secure.

3. Wood Transfer


Make a mirror image of your photo, then print it with a laser printer (ink jets won’t work as well). Use aphoto transfer medium to apply the paper to a piece of wood. Fully coat the wood, using a straight edge to smooth out any bubbles, then set it aside to dry completely. Use a damp cloth to wipe away the glue andreveal your beautifully transferred image. This also works with fabric!

4. Customized Coasters


Give boring plain coasters or tiles a personal touch by using art glueto apply printed out photos. First, brush the tile with a generous amount of the glue, then add the photo and apply another layer. Allow it to dry completely, and then add another layer.

5. Window Frame Display


Whether you pick up an old frame from the flea market or use the same tricks Rachael Ray’s friends showed off on a ladder to make a brand-new one look vintage, this twist on a traditional frame is a super cute way to show off your photos.

6. Grid Mosaic


All you need is a crafting cutting board with a grid and a little patience to carve out this unique photo display! You can also mix things up by cutting out different shapes to connect together.

7. Canvas Transfer


Just print out your photo and use glue to gloss it over a painted canvas. I love how you can add as many details to the background as you’d like, or leave it color-blocked like the example above.

8. Easter Egg Transfer


It doesn’t have to be Easter to whip up these adorable eggs, but they’re an especially precious way to celebrate the holiday. Just hard boil some regular eggs and let them cool down completely, then print off your photos onto tissue paper or plain tissues by taping them to ordinary printer paper. Once the eggs are ready, you can use Mod Podge to apply the tissue photos to the shell.

9. Giant Wall Clock


How amazing is this arrangement? Just grab plain clock hands from your craft store, or steal them from another large clock, and you’ll have a sweet reminder of your loved ones every time you look to see what time it is!

10. Hanging Branch


This is so simple but something I would have never thought of on my own! You can really just grab any branch from your yard, spruce it up with some spray paint, and use whatever adorable string, clasp, or pin you have to hang your photos!

Have you come up with your own unique way to display photos and share memories?

Let us know in the comments, and be sure to SHARE with your friends!

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