You have to let him go.

You have to let go of the life that you couldve had. You cant keep desperately searching for the rewind button, because thats just not how this works.

You have to indirectly erase him from your life.

Wash him out of your clothes.

Sweat him out at the gym.

Brush him out of your hair.

Write him out of your journal.

Shaming yourself and wishing for things to be different will not change the circumstances. This pain, anguish, and misery shouldnt be the reality of anyone, but it is. Do you want to know why? Because, this is what life is all about. You have to experience darkness to be able to appreciate the light.

Want to know something else? You will be okay. Life isnt over and the world is still spinning. That doesnt mean that life wont be different, because it will be much different, but is different a bad thing?


This means you have the opportunity to get creative with your existence. When one door closes another door opens. Its so clich, but its so true. New doors wont open if youre constantly trying to open that locked door. Leave it. There are so many doors that will lead you to new destinations, friendships, and maybe even a new love. These doors may even make you laugh about how you doubted yourself in the first place.

Once youre able to separate the past from the future youll be able to live, and I mean really live. Youll find new strengths and youll learn new things about yourself that you didnt even know you had in you. You cant ever go back and change what has been done, but you do have a choice every single day to be the person you are now. Get unique with your self-care and start falling madly in love with you.

Happiness means some heartbreak, light means some darkness, and good means some bad, but your journey isnt over. You have right now to make your time here worth it. Challenges and struggle will always occur, but there is always always always be a way. You have to get uncomfortable to be comfortable.

I believe in you.

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