Little kids don’t have a ton of hair, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to do.

All parents know that getting a hair tie in your little one’s hair can be a serious struggle at times. If it doesn’t take 20 minutes to do, then they’ve got their hair tie out of their hair that fast then.

For dads, doing their daughters hair can prove to be even more challenging. Derrick Culpepper has been a barber basically his entire life, but he still has a hard time doing his 3-year-old’s hair.

Derrick filmed a moment between his daughter and him, where he tried to do his daughter’s hair one day. While he was a little unsure, his daughter was very confident in him.

She watched as he brushed her hair and she was very quick to comment on how he was doing. She had plenty of encouraging words from her dad that she had learned from her mom. She was super proud of her daddy!

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