Sydeny Norman is a little girl from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Since she has fair skin and light blonde hair, many people are surprised to learn sheis biracial.

Sydeny’s parents, Daunte and Jessica, are of different ethnicities. So, when they learned they were pregnant a second time and with twin boys the excited couple had no idea what or who they’d end up looking like.

As soon as Jessica’s delivery ended, the nurses gave Daunte a look of shock. “You are never going to believe how different they look,” they told her.

The second she saw her twins, Jessica did a double take. She says itblew her mind.

Brayden and Cameron are biracial fraternal twins: while Brandon has dark skin, Cameron’s is much lighter. Indeed, it’sa rare phenomenon among twin births, but we’ve seen similar cases like itbefore.

The family has gotten used to the extra attention, but Daunte and Jessica admit that strangers sometimes give the twins odd looks or stare too much.

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