Stephen Miller, Donald Trump’s senior policy adviser, is reportedly being considered to take over the position of White House communications director, following in the footsteps of Anthony Scaramucci.

The news that Miller might claim the top comms job has renewed some social media interest in his history, his right-wing political views, and his rhetorical style, spoken to by a particularly infamous remark he made during a speech to his Santa Monica high school classmates.

The moment, reportedly preserved thanks to a student documentary, is one of the few clips from the now-infamous speech thats available to the public. In it, a teenaged Miller, still with a head full of black hair, complains that students shouldnt have to clean up after themselves when there are janitors around.

According to theWashington Post, Santa Monica High School cant find a full video of the speech, which ended with Miller being escorted off the stage to a cacophony of boos. The bits of and pieces of Miller’s now-infamous speech, reflective of his reported history as a fire-breathing high school conservative, has resurfaced amid his potential ascent to the top of the White House’s communications wing.

In February, professional baseball player Cody Deckera Santa Monica High School alumni tweeted that Miller has been bood off a stage by more than 4,000 students, also noting that he himself was one of them.

The news of Miller’s possible promotion comes the same week as his starring turn in the White House press briefing room when he got into a combative and at-times outright angry exchange with CNNs Jim Acosta. In the midst of his argument with Acosta, Miller argued that the famed Emma Lazarus poem, “The New Colossus,” that’s inscribed inside the Statue of Liberty was “added later,” more than a dozen years after the iconic statue was opened to the public.

As some have noted, discrediting the poem, which speaks of welcoming the “poor” and the “huddled masses” into the United States, is an occasional pastime on some white supremacist message boards, eager to discredit the poem’s relevance in American history. Miller’s performance was sharply criticized and condemned by progressives, although it earned Miller praise among Trump supporters and the online far-right.

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