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Jodie Whittaker has beenrevealed to the world as the new Doctor Who, the latest star of the popular, long-running British sci-fi series. The news Sunday set off a flood of reactions on social media due to the massive global popularity of the show and because of the history that had beenmade.

Whittaker will be the first woman to ever hold the shows title role, and that fact was not lost on most everybodywho responded to the news.

As such, many people were delighted to see this barrier broken. In recent years, some fans have criticized the showand more specifically, outgoingshowrunner Steven Moffatfor exclusively casting white men as the iconic Doctor. Now it’sofficially no longer the case that only men get to be Doctor Who.

Some people, however, were decidedly unhappy with the news, blaming the casting of Whittaker on political correctness and accusing it of betraying the original show.

That negative reaction hasnt seemed to dampen the enthusiasm of fans whore stoked for Whittakers casting, however. To the contrary, the fact that some people are bothered by Whittaker landing the role seems to have only increased the levels of schadenfreude on the part of her supporters.

Whittaker will be the 13th actor to portray the time-traveling Doctor since the show first aired in 1963and the fifth Doctor since the series returned to the airwaves in 2005. She’s had a successful career in British film and TV to date, including her roleas Beth Latimer on the popular detective series Broadchurch, in which she co-starred alongside David Tennant, himself a former Doctor.

In keeping with custom, it’s expected that Whittaker’s first appearance as the Doctor will occur in the series’ 2017 Christmas special, and her first season in the role will begin in earnest sometime in 2018.

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