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Tonight is the beginning of the end of an era. The worlds most ridiculous yet addictive show starts its final season. Of course, Im talking about I mean, has there ever been a show about a small Pennsylvania suburb where all of its residents sole purpose in life is to destroy four seemingly innocent 15-year-old girls? Has there ever been a show that can completely abandon a plot line and slap a random-ass hashtag on the screen to make you pretend it didnt happen? Im gonna go with no. And while its beyond stupid and the writers must be on some serious shit, weve watched every fucking episode in confusion and bliss. And like everything in this world we love, were paying tribute by ranking the main characters by betchiness. Fucking duh.

12. Toby

Toby is the lamest human to grace my television, and I watched Nick Vialls season of so thats really saying something. In the early days, he was maybe having sex with his blind half-sister which is fucking disgusting. This is Pennsylvania, not Mississippi. Reel it in. And then toward the end he became Spencers whiny nice guy of a boyfriend and it was like they were trying to make him hot or something? Idk. There was also a stint where he believed he was Ja Rule circa 2001 and wore a do-rag, which while hilarious, was fucking bizarre. Stop trying to make sexy Toby happen, Freeform. Its not going to happen.

11. Mona

Mona is one of the many characters where theyve tried to make her A at least nine times, but kept getting renewed somehow so they just pretended nothing happened. Smooth. She was a loser in school before Ali disappeared and then became semi popular. I can appreciate a rags to riches high school edition just like everyone else, but Mona was still annoying af and was desperate for HBICs Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily to be her friends. And dont forget, shes fucking nuts.

10. Ezra

Ezra is cute and all, but he screwed one of his students who was a fucking freshman. IN HIGH SCHOOL. Plus, he wrote an extensive manuscript detailing the lives of Aria, Hanna, Alison, and Spencer (again, his high school students) and chased Aria onto a ski lift in the middle of the night when he found out she stole it from his cabin. Basically, he’s a freak. At least he has a cabin? 

9. Emily

Emily is like, really really pretty, but shes the worst. She has terrible taste in women. I mean, Maya was cool, but Paige and the wanna be Miley Cyrus girl? Cmon And shes a standard nice girl. Fucking yawn. She always wants to go the legal, ethical route, and lets be real. Everyone in your goddamn town has tried to kill and/or frame you and your friends at least once. You need to stop being a little bitch and start breaking some laws. And expand your closet beyond flannel shirts.

8. Jenna

Jenna is the hot girl next door that the PLLs blinded by exploding her barn? Idk. That was like a decade ago when it happened and looking back, that makes no fucking sense. How are you in a barn that blows up and your only injury is blindness? Needless to say, Jenna fucking hates them. Because of this she wore black and big-ass dark sunglasses at all times, so she was actually chic. Other than that, shes meh. We thought she was A for a sec and that she was faking blindness, but none of that ended up checking out. So shes pretty much just the girl that maybe hooked up with her kind of brother.

7. Caleb

Caleb is the less hot, smarter version of Tim Riggins. Like, they might be related. Theyre both the regulation bad boys of their high schools and have the whole 90s grunge Im too sexy to wash/cut my hair thing going for them, which personally, I kind of love. He actually proves himself to be pretty helpful when people are trying to murder his friends for no reason, which sounds like nbd, but everyone else on the show usually just makes shit worse or ends up being A. Caleb would have some extra betch cred if he hadnt left for that shitty show that lasted like two episodes and was somehow worse than Also, he was homeless. So there’s that.

6. Aria

When the show started, Aria was my legit favorite. Idk why because that was for-fucking-ever ago, but I remember that she was. She falls somewhere in the middle of all the liars. Shes not as smart as Spencer, not as stupid as Hanna, not as pretty as Emily, so she ends up being the one thats most relatable, ya know, minus the whole my lit teacher is also my secret boyfriend thing. She gains points for being the main betch on the OG opening credits. Congrats. She loses points for having the worlds worst fucking wardrobe. I get it. Shes the edgy, angsty one. She doesnt need to look like someone blindfolded her and threw her in a Hot Topic.

5. Hanna

Hanna is fine. Like, shes cute and she doesnt royally fuck everything up all the time, but thats mainly because shes a fucking idiot so no one listens to her. Every time she speaks Im legit baffled by the stupidity. Im actually gonna give the writers some cred here because idk how they even manage to come up with some of the shit that comes out of her mouth. In all fairness, though, she does have some pretty great one-liners. She gains some points for having the best taste when it comes to a S.O. She went for the hot bad boy in high school and then the rich worldly dude who has a good job once she graduates college. Maybe shes not as stupid as we think Then again, her friends are busy boning their teachers and a dude in a do-rag so like, the competition isnt exactly stiff. Idk if this is fair, but Ashley Benson plays her so automatic plus.

4. Spencer

Spencer is the only reason every one of these girls isnt dead or in jail rn. She always comes up with the plans, which usually dont work very well aka while theyre still on the run from A 10 years later, but God forbid they try one of Hannas ideas instead. Shes got the whole East Coast prep school girl thing going for her, which I can get down with. Dating Toby for the majority of the show is major no and then she starts dating her bffs ex Caleb after college, which is pretty shitty, but other than her love life, shes cool. We also must not forget that she spent some time in Radley, and suffered from an “Adderall addiction” (lol).  Those were separate incidents.

3. CeCe Drake

I fucking lived for CeCe before she died. When we first met her, we thought she was just a cool store owner that was a little shady and taught Ali everything she knew about being an alpha betch. By the end, she was a superhot transgender girl who (we think) orchestrated the whole A thing, which is v impressive. If she hadnt gotten killed, shed probs have taken over the world or maybe just Rosewood. Idk.

2. A

I know what youre thinking. Mona, Ezra, Jenna, Toby, CeCe Theyre all A! But no, the real A is still out there or we wouldnt have a show to watch. Obvi. Could it be one of those five people? Sure. Could it be one of the liars? I hope so. Could it be a complete and total rando who weve never even seen before and it doesnt even make sense? Given how all over the place this show is, definitely. But it doesnt fucking matter because A is a true betch. She holds on to a grudge better than anyone in the game and is hell-bent on getting revenge for whatever the liars did. I mean, yeah, As fucking nuts but youve got to respect her dedication. Whoever he or she is automatically moves up to the #2 spot on our list.

1. Alison

Alison legit ran the entire town of Rosewood even when everyone thought she was dead. Every guy (and Emily) in town was in love with her, all the girls were jealous of her, even all the old people in Rosewood were oddly obsessed with her. Back before she disappeared, she manipulated all the liars to be her slaves best friends and do whatever she wanted, and then after she died they spent their entire seven years of high school talking about her and trying to figure out wtf happened. She knew how to keep a secret, and more importantly, how to hold it over peoples heads to get what you want.

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