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You are beautiful just the way you are! Just dont look at any of these lingerie ads!

1. Theres no such thing as a perfect body: Look, if youre a woman living in 2016 and have body-image issues, unfortunately, youre far from alone. More than 75 percent of women in this country suffer from low self-esteem, and certainly the impossible body types featured in the ads dotting this list are actively impeding the realization that you are totally gorgeous just the way you are. So do yourself a favor and dont look at any of these lingerie ads, which will make you feel way worse about your stunning body.

2. People come in all shapes and sizes: If you think that the only beautiful people in the world are size zero, 6 feet tall, with blond hair and blue eyes, you are sorely mistaken. Just look around you, and ask yourselfhow many people actually fit that description? When youre answering that, please ignore the conventionally attractive, professional models that are currently in their underwear at the top, bottom, and side of your browser. Your body is already perfect, and thats all you need to worry about!

3. Everyone, no matter how they look, has insecurities: If you feel ugly sometimes, believe us, youre not alone! Lets keep those eyes focused on this text and nothing else though, yeah?

4. Our flaws are what make us beautiful: Okay, lets pause for a second. Step away from your computer, and look at yourself in the mirror, noting every single part of your body that you find attractive. Then, forget you ever saw the ads from lingerie campaigns that repeatedly employ 90-pound girls to sell underwear all over our website and underhandedly reinforce societys backwards beauty ideals. Once youve cleared your mind of that, go ahead and glance back at the mirror, and take a look at the perfect person standing right in front of you! Shes been there all along!

5. Unnatural standards of beauty are dictated by the media: Dont let magazines or movies or the ads directly adjacent to these words tell you that only a certain body type is sexy! You are beautiful.

6. So many incredible women have been told their bodies arent perfect: When Ashley Graham first started modeling, people told her that she was overweight, and they told her shed have to lose 100 pounds to make it anywhere in this business. Now, five years later, shes already a supermodel who has graced the pages of Sports Illustrated and Vogue.

Any brand that would choose to employ models who make women everywhere feel inferior like the brand that is advertising on our website right now is just not worth your time. Ashleys body is beautiful, and so is yours.

7. Confidence is sexy: Sometimes, its just as simple as that! Because as long as youre not looking at the ads on here that will slowly seep inside your psyche and shatter your self-confidence throughout your adult life, youre beautiful, and thats a fact. So, if youre ready, just forget everything youve been bombarded with here, and go strut your stuff!

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