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1. When she comes home after a workout and her little front pieces of hair are curled around her face from her sweat, she looks like a little hot mess and I love it. Ron, 29

2. I absolutely love watching my girlfriend brush her teeth, I have no idea why but it always turns me on a little. Maybe because shes got something so innocent in and out of her mouth and I wish it was something else. Either way, it turns me on. Hamish, 26

3. I get turned on watching her pick her wedgie, is that weird? Jason, 24

4. She turns me on when she cooks me breakfast, especially when its the weekend and she just rolled out of bed in a t-shirt. She has no idea how sexy she makes bed head look. Lincoln, 30

5. I love watching her read, its so fascinating watching her eyes move back in forth under glasses. Shes like watching a hot nerd at the library. Garrett, 27

6. I love when she finally stops stressing out about everything and just has fun, it reminds me why I fell in love with her before all the realities of life hit us in the face. George, 31

7. When were laying in bed talking and she starts tracing my arm, its an amazing sensation and it never fails to turn me on. Brad, 23

8. When she sneezes, its so cute and its always in counts of three. Mitch, 25

9. She chews on her bottom lip she thinks its a bad habit, I think its adorable. Phil, 24

10. I love the way she gets so excited about things, she just lights up with the biggest smile on her face and seeing her happy is enough to turn me on. Matt, 25

11. When my girlfriend is having a conversation with someone else and I catch her looking at me out the corner of her eyes and flash a smile, thats such a turn on and it reassures me that shes all mine. Shawn, 24

12. When she begs, everyone gets turned on by a girl that begs. Paul, 27

13. I love when my girlfriend gets embarrassed, I think its so funny because she thinks its a huge deal but it never really is and I still love her despite it. Jarred, 29

14. I love watching her sleep in the morning, bonus points if shes drooling. Kenny, 24

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