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I apologize for the use of profanity, but is there really any better and honest way to phrase it? The older I get, the more I realize that no one really knows what theyre doing. Its an oddly reassuring and slightly horrifying realization. This week Ive felt particularly like I dont have my life together because Ive taken on more than I can chew obligation-wise, applied for more applications and had deadlines, travel plans and anxiety acting like a dark cloud over my head.

Lately Ive felt a lot of writers block and I felt as though my blog was becoming too cookie cutterI had been writing far too many cliches and pretty words while discounting my more sarcastic voice. Well, folks, from the profanity in the title alone I guess you can see that Ive turned that car right around and am headed back to my roots. This is me, getting my blogging shit together.

Its not easy to get your life together and the truth is, youll never have it totally together, but you can definitely make yourself look and feel pretty put together with a few easy tips. So, ladies and gents, here are ways to get your shit together (or at least feel like you have it together)!

1. Use some concealer.

If you didnt get enough sleep (which, whether youve got it together or not, you likely havent), you can easily cover up those dark circles with a few dabs of concealer. Youll look and feel a little bit more lively and bright once youve concealed your lack of sleep (probably). Yes, this is superficial, but it definitely is a game changer.

2. Watch some television thatll make you feel like youve got it together.

This is quite likely horrible advice, but personally I always feel better when I watch shows with people who have their life less together than I do. This can be a reality show or an entirely fictional show. Personally, I find and to make me feel like Ive got my life together at least a little bit. If nothing else, Im not in prison, so thats not too shabby. Avoid watching any show thats bound to make you feel like you havent got your life together, such as shows about teenage prodigies or .

3. Organize your calendar.

If you dont have a calendar, try making one. Use the app on your phone, Google calendars or even a planner and write down some due dates and birthdays for the upcoming few months. This is relaxing and helpful. I feel like I write something about organizing a planner or calendar in almost all of my posts

4. Cancel an obligation or take one on.

If your schedule is too crowded, cancel something (if possible). If its too empty, take on a responsibility or make a plan. The true sign of having ones shit together is having a planner that is neither too full nor too empty. Its a simple equationif you feel too busy, make yourself less busy (if possible) and if you feel like youve got too much free time, pick up some obligations. Everyones differentsome people cant handle being too busy and others perish when faced with too much free time (Im the latter, for sure).

5. Make a to do list.

Even if you dont actually do anything on the list, gathering a visual representation of the things you need to do is step in the right direction.

6. Cut down on the caffeine.

Drinking six cups of coffee in one day is not going to make you feel any less of a mess, I promise. If youre a caffeine addict, I dont advise you to quit cold turkey, but definitely limit your caffeine intake for a bit and swap it out for some water. Bonus: youll be more hydrated!

7. Do a quick workout.

Even if its a TV show workout (psstthere are free tv workout printables here), breaking a sweat will scientifically make you feel better. Plus, being a little bit fit and doing some squats is guaranteed to make you feel like your life is together.

8. Fix your chipped nail polish.

Or if you have no nail polish on, paint them. Nothing makes me feel like more of a mess than having chipped nail polish, although many will disagree. I used to joke that You know Im having a busy, horrible week when you see my nails with chipped polish and I think thats still somewhat true. Painted nails have a magical way of giving the illusion of being put together.

9. Make your bed.

This is one of the biggest ways to get your shit together, I promise. Making your bed will automatically make your room look much cleaner, and youll feel generally more organized and clean when youve got a nicely made bed. Whenever my bed is a mess of rumpled sheets I automatically feel like a train-wreck regardless of how composed I actually am. If youre feeling extra ambitious, why not clean your dorm/room?

10. Empty out your inbox.

Im not saying you need to answer all of your e-mails, but at least sort them. Toss the e-mails you dont need, star important once you ought to answer and maybe file away old ones into categorized folders. Organizing your digital clutter is just as important (if not more important) than your physical clutter.

11. Watch something on your Netflix list.

Watch the thing youve been dying to watch that your co-workers and friends have been telling you to watch but you never watched. This sounds counterproductive, but doing something youve been meaning to do is a great feeling, even if its minor. Just avoid falling into the binge-watching routine. Limit yourself a little bit, here. Maybe watch an episode or two and then do laundry or wash dishes. Balance unproductive activities with productive ones; its okay to procrastinate so long as youre procrastinating productively.

12. Step away from the social media.

Nothing will make you more like your life is a mess than looking at other peoples social media. Do NOT look at other peoples highlight reels while youre in the midst of a bad outtake. No Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. Do not do it to yourself, my friend. Nothing will make you feel like more of a mess than seeing bits of peoples lives that are totally put together.

13. Reflect on the shit you DO have together in your life.

Okay, maybe youre totally overwhelmed by your Psych class but are acing your Business class. Maybe youre having relationship problems but still have very strong friendships to fall back on. In fact, you can even be simple and reflect on how great it is that youre enrolled in college, that you did laundry last night or that you even did your hair this morning.

Reflect on your achievements and happiness in life and remember that your life is much more together than you really think.

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