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1. “My girlfriends a funny person, but once in a while a joke is bound to fall flat, right? Happens to anyone who tries to make other people laugh regularly. Anyway, that’s when her brow furrows and she sticks her bottom lip out to pout and I get horny because she looks so adorableand fuckable.”

2. “Whenever my girlfriend picks her wedgie, I get so turned on. She has a hot ass and I love seeing her touch it, even for a second. She moves fast when she readjusts, but I’m on the lookout for it.”

3. “If a sneeze is powerful enough, it usually makes my girlfriend fart. I think shes more beautiful every time it happens, no matter how embarrassed she is. It really never gets old, the sneeze-fart.”

4. “This might sound weird, but I love watching my girlfriend get dressedeven more than I like watching her get dressed. The way she clasps her bra and carefully pulls the straps up, shimmies into her panties, and then points each foot as she pulls her jeans up. She’s so graceful and feminine and it makes me mad horny.”

5. “Ive been dating this girl who sticks her tongue out a little whenever she’s thinking about something for two months now. We could be talking about marriage equality, the presidential election, or a reality TV showas long as shes thinking hard enough, it happens. She has no idea Im sitting there across the dinner table getting rock hard as a result.”

6. “My fiance has worst voice, so she never sings when anyone else is around, even me. But once in a while I catch her belting out a tune when she thinks shes alone and its so awesome to see. She really gets into itlike shes performing on stage or something. And as awful as she sounds (I actually have to cover my ears), she looks sexy as hell to me.”

7. “Im a sucker for hair twirling. I dont know what Id do if my girlfriend ever cut her hair short. I love it when she tickles her mouth and chin with the ends. Sometimes she even sniffs it a little and I think its hot as fuck.”

8. “I hate reading, but my girlfriends a bookworm and nothing turns me on more than coming home to find her curled up on the couch or in bed reading something. When she laughs out loud to herself, its especially attractive. Come to think of it, I should probably buy her some funny books.”

9. “Bad dancing can be uncomfortable to watch, unless someone owns it like my girlfriend does. She might have no sense of rhythm, but shes tall and gangly and she has a great sense of humor. Whenever she breaks out the moves because she hears a song she cant resist or she just feels like acting stupid, I want sex.”

10. “I love listening to my girlfriend talk on the phone. Shes so caring and attentive to her friends, and shes pretty hilarious too. I dont always understand whats going on, but whenever I overhear her gabbing, I realize how lucky I am to be with such a fun, thoughtful person. And I want to take that person to bed .”

11. “My long-term girlfriend started her own small business a year ago and I think shes at her sexiest when shes in her element at work. I love meeting her at the office and observing her for a few minutes from a healthy distance because I get to see what a capable badass she is, and how great she is with her employees. Its sexy to watch her take charge.”

12. “I love watching my girlfriend cook. Its not a jackass misogynistic thingat least, I dont think it isbecause she genuinely loves being in the kitchen. What gets me is that she lets herself get crazy messy along the way. I love catching her with flour in her hair or bits of food goo stuck to her fingers. Part of it is knowing that shes doing it all for meto make us something to eat. What’s sexier than that?”

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