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Our salon offers a full range of services including hair styling, hair colouring, permanent waves . We also carry a selective product range from Loreal and Wella . Our staff are professionally trained experts in the latest techniques, and products available to our industry. Our service and dedication to our clients are unsurpassed.


10 Everyday Habits That Are Destroying Your Hair

Hair health is for reals. You may think it doesn’t take a genius to get good, long, healthy hair, but you could be wrong. Like, did you know that 90% of your normal routine is probably leading to breakage and

Taylor Swift’s New Video For ‘End Game’ Is Out

It’s been a while since we had something really juicy to talk about, but thankful Taylor Swift’s new music video dropped today, and here we are. The second we listened to Taylor Swift’s album back in November, we knew that

Boy Walks 4.8 Km In Freezing Cold To Attend His School, And His Living Conditions Will Break Your Heart

Fu Heng, the headmaster of the primary school, could not believe his eyes. Upon arrival, his student had icicles instead of his hair and eyebrows, contrasting with his burning red cheeks. Heng snapped a picture of the little fellow, marking