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Our salon offers a full range of services including hair styling, hair colouring, permanent waves . We also carry a selective product range from Loreal and Wella . Our staff are professionally trained experts in the latest techniques, and products available to our industry. Our service and dedication to our clients are unsurpassed.


Jerry Springer: The Opera Is Stuck in a Damning Time Warp

Back in its first flush of life in Britain in the early to mid-2000s, the musical Jerry Springer: The OperaLGBT descriptors throughout, including another refrain of being dipped in chocolate and thrown to the lesbians. Is it funny once? Maybe,

Jennifer Anistons Heartless Media Crucifixion

When Justin Theroux announced their split last week in pregnancy or Rihanna leaving restaurants with The Daily Mail has concluded that the couples inability to have children led to their breakup, in an article titled They even tried therapy: Jennifer

What We’re Still Not Teaching Kids About Consent

If I’m remembering correctly, sex ed in the ’80s consisted of the following lessons: — First grade: Tell someone if a grownup (who isn’t a doctor) touches your private parts — Fifth grade: You’re going to bleed from your private