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Our salon offers a full range of services including hair styling, hair colouring, permanent waves . We also carry a selective product range from Loreal and Wella . Our staff are professionally trained experts in the latest techniques, and products available to our industry. Our service and dedication to our clients are unsurpassed.



Unbelievably Realistic Hair Drawn Using 8 Colored Pencils

Click to unmute Source: Youtube Dutch artist Emmy Kalia has mastered the art of hyperrealism and her 128,000 Instagram followers can confirm it. For her recent hair drawing, she used 8 colored pencils, and the final result looks almost like


50 Turn-Offs That Will Instantly Make Him Lose Interest In You


The Truth About Why Most Men Cant Handle Strong Women

Let’s get this out of the way, I love boys. Ever since I was 6, they have been an important part of my life and identity. You could have even called me boy crazy from that time all the way